Installed on thousands of single-family and apartment homes, Quick Tie is the smart framing system for uplift and shear loads.

A less expensive option & better way to frame!

  • Safe and secure engineered system
  • Meets model building codes
  • Install QuickTies after framing is up
  • Easy to inspect
  • Faster than straps and endless nailing
  • Compensates for wood shrinkage by “pre-stressing“ QuickTies
  • Reduces drywall cracks and nail pops

Customer Testimonials


Blue Ocean Luxury Homes, dba Arthur Rutenberg Homes uses the Quick Tie system on all of our homes. This is the best tie down system I have ever seen. I love how it is self testing so you know once you have tightened the nuts down that the embedded cable ends are secured in the concrete. We just had a home with a new framer where the self test showed a few cables that did not live up to the design requirements. Those tie downs were re-installed and the home maintained its integrity. And you can tell by simply touching the cables whether or not the nuts have been tightened. Another thing I love about the Quick Tie system is the way it eliminates a lot of the metal straps in the wall. This will allow the drywall to sit more smoothly on the framing members, thus improving the overall look of the finished drywall. We show the sample tie downs to every potential customer and use it as a selling tool as well. We love the Quick Tie System and plan to continue using it in all of our future homes.

Thank you Quick Tie for your amazing product,
Doug Durant


We are constantly looking for new and innovative products that helps our contractors save time in the field and not sacrifice the structurally integrity of the residence. That’s why when I built my new home I chose the QuickTie cable system! This unique system allows the framers to builder and then easily come back and place the hold down system in. What would have taken the framers a couple of days to place all the hardware on the home, was cut down to hours. Quick, clean and efficient, that’s why I specified QuickTie on my personal home and others.
Mike Keesee, FAIBD
Keesee Associates / FDS Engineering Associates