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Product Spotlight: HD22

Have you ever tried to install five 1” through bolts in a horizontal straight line in a 16”-wide stud bay? If so, you know the frustration with a typical high capacity hold down. That frustration is what led to our HD22. With a best-in-class 22 KIP load capacity and a screw application (eliminating through bolts),...
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Wall Of Wind Mitigation Challenge 2024

The Wall of Wind Challenge 2024 was held on March 21, 2024 at Florida Internation University (FIU). FIU is the home to the Wall of Wind! The Wall of Wind (WOW) can generate sustained wind speeds up to the highest hurricane speeds, Category 5. The objective for the 2024 WOW Mitigation Challenge was to design...
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Fall Price Update Image

Quick Tie: Fall Price Update

We have – over the course of our company’s history – taken a very conservative approach to price increases, having had only one upward adjustment in ten years. That is, prior to this year. The present environment makes avoiding another upward adjustment impossible. Costs for the steel that we integrate into our core products is...
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New Catalog Summer 2021

Quick Tie 2021 Summer Catalog

We are thrilled to release via our website the new 2021 QuickTie summer catalog, in which you will find dozens of new parts including our new holddowns, post caps, hangers and structural screw lines. Thank you for your interest in QuickTie! Please contact us if we can help supply anything for your projects.
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Quick Tie: Steel Price Update

The global pandemic has had many adverse impacts on us all; some anticipated, but many not.  The entire country has felt the pain of lumber (a) pricing and (b) lack of availability.  Who could have predicted such strong demand for lumber, when most people could not leave their houses in Q2 2020?   The same forces that have...
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