QuickTie Cable Type & Length Determination

  • QuickTie Cables come in five different diameters.  Determine the necessary design load to be met and which cables are required:
    • QuickTie Aqua (QTA): 1/8″.  Allowable loads: 910 lbs.
    • QuickTie Blue (QTB): 3/16″.  Allowable loads: 1909 lbs.
    • QuickTie Green (QTG): 1/4″.  Allowable loads: 2839 lbs.
    • QuickTie Orange (QTO): 5/16″.  Allowable loads: 4455 lbs.
    • QuickTie Red (QTR): 3/8″.  Allowable loads: 6545 lbs.
  • Measure the distance from the from the foundation to the upper most top plate (on which the trusses bear).  This dimension — QT”x” on the diagram to the left — is the QuickTie cable part required.
  • For example, a dimension of 9’1″ from foundation to top plate, for which a “Blue” cable is required, would require a QTB9.1 cable.