Quick Tie: Steel Price Update

The global pandemic has had many adverse impacts on us all; some anticipated, but many not.  The entire country has felt the pain of lumber (a) pricing and (b) lack of availability.  Who could have predicted such strong demand for lumber, when most people could not leave their houses in Q2 2020?  

The same forces that have driven lumber prices to all-time highs and suffocated the North American market (primarily, mill closures and unanticipated demand) are now negatively impacting the steel industry, as steel mills’ idled capacity + surges in demand have depleted inventories and sent prices soaring.  Historical steel price increases coupled with other factors such vendor price escalations, higher manufacturing labor costs (where unemployment is very low) and stratospheric freight rates have and will continue to have a substantial material adverse impact on our cost of doing business.

After careful consideration of the circumstances and for the continuity of our future operations, QuickTie anticipates making price adjustments across our product lines in the coming months.

Please note that although we must pass on some of the higher costs of business to our customers, we are:

  1. committed to not pass on all such costs, not escalating prices as much as our competitors; and
  2. not adjusting our prices as soon as those competitors, whose price increases are already effective.  

Your new price list will be shared with you by your QuickTie contact.We will do our best to accommodate bulk orders in anticipation of the pricing change.  Please note that to maintain reasonable lead times for you and other customers, we may only be able to accept orders at your current pricing which are consistent with your normal ordering history.