Wood Frame

The QuickTie™ System is a roof and wall anchoring system consisting of wire rope with threaded studs swaged to each end. One of the threaded studs is either embedded into cured concrete by inserting it into a pre-drilled hole and using epoxy adhesive to anchor it to the foundation, or, coupled to previously embedded anchor bolts. The opposite end of the wire rope with the threaded stud is extended vertically through the uppermost top of the stud wall, inserted through a hold drilled through the top plate(s), and attached to a steel plate and nut that are places on the top plate(s). The nut is then tightened providing a continuous load path hold down resistance for the wall. Trusses, headers and bottom plates are connected with Quick Connectors to provide distribution of load to the QuickTie™ System.

Materials Making Up the QuickTie™ Parts:
  • Threaded studs are ASTM A107 Grade 1018 or equal, swaged onto each end of wire rope.
  • Wire rope is 7×19, galvanized steel in the following diameters and breaking strengths:
    • QTA 1/8″ diameter, with a breaking strength of 2,000 lbs;
    • QTB 3/16″ diameter, with a breaking strength of 4,200 lbs;
    • QTG 1/4″ diameter, with a breaking strength of 7,000 lbs;
    • QTO 5/16″ diameter, with a breaking strength of 9,800 lbs;
    • QTR 3/8″ diameter, with a breaking strength of 14,400 lbs.
  • Steel Plate Washers with a minimum yield strength of 33 ksi and a minimum ultimate strength of 45 ksi.
  • Hex Nuts (Grade 2 zinc plated).