Wall Of Wind Mitigation Challenge 2024

The Wall of Wind Challenge 2024 was held on March 21, 2024 at Florida Internation University (FIU). FIU is the home to the Wall of Wind! The Wall of Wind (WOW) can generate sustained wind speeds up to the highest hurricane speeds, Category 5.

The objective for the 2024 WOW Mitigation Challenge was to design a wind mitigation barrier that will provide the best wind mitigation for a Miami Beach condominium property. A scaled down model was created and blocks represented pedestrians. 11 area high schools (193 students) competed in the written presentation, oral presentation, and actual testing at the WOW.

Brett Dexter, P.E., Vice President of Engineering at QuickTie Products, was selected as 1 of 5 judges to review the students work and interpret the results of the WOW testing. It was great to see how much time and effort each school put into their project. Everyone learned from the experience and it was exciting to see the WOW in action. QuickTie would like to congratulate the 2024 Wall of Wind Mitigation Challenge champions, TERRA Environmental Research Institute.