About Us

Quick Tie Products, Inc., (“QuickTie”) manufactures and distributes the QuickTie™ System (a proprietary, patented hold-down system for high wind and seismic construction) and a full line of framing hardware including u-hangers, hurricane clips, straps, structural wood screws, truss connectors and foundation connectors.

The QuickTie™ System is comprised of wire rope cables with threaded rod studs swaged to each end, and a steel bearing plate at the top end. Our cables are designed to cinch walls to their foundations from the uppermost top plates, thereby effectively resisting roof uplift and building overturning pressures.

History and Background

Quick Tie Products, Inc. was founded in 1999.  We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year! We are a privately held Florida corporation. Our headquarters and manufacturing facility, and warehousing and distribution center, are located in Jacksonville, Florida.

The QuickTie™ System has been installed in thousands of structures since its inception. The product has been used in wood-framed commercial, single-family, and multi-family homes. QuickTie™ has been used in new construction, restoration projects, and in existing projects that require updating to current codes when renovated. QuickTie™ has been used on projects throughout the continental United States, including several large-scale U.S. Military Housing projects.


Our system holds several advantages relative to conventional strapped and bolted hold-downs. As our company name suggests, one of many advantages of the QuickTie™ system is that it is installed quickly and easily after a building is framed, increasing efficiency and saving time and money. This simple and flexible system pre-stresses the wood structure, resulting in zero movements and compensating for common problems of building settling and long-term wood shrinkage (which competing products do not account for). Our system eliminates otherwise “loose” load paths to the foundation and reduces drywall, stucco, and exterior siding cracks. QuickTie™ is also easy to inspect. At installation, the pre-stress load exceeds the design load by 30%, thereby, “proof-testing” each QuickTie™ when installed.

We also make a variety of metal connectors to tie the roof to the wall’s top plate. Please visit our product page for more information about our product line.

Quick Tie Cares

Quick Tie recognizes the tragic impacts that hurricanes have on our communities. We give back and contribute when it is time to rebuild.

Recently, when Hurricane Dorian channeled its category-5 winds and storm surge into the Abacos, Bahamas, we helped with Sid’s Grocery Rebuild, GTC Restoration:

Contact us today and talk to your regional sales rep and explore how we can help you build faster and safer.


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