Foundation Connectors

Post Base Anchors

PBA Series, Post Base Strap, Stand-Off (SO) Plate

Post Base Anchors (PBA) are used to attach the base of a wood post to a concrete foundation. The PBAs are comprised of a Post Base Strap and a Stand-Off (SO) plate. The SO plate is designed to provide a 1-inch clearance between the bottom of the wood post and top of foundation in order to meet IBC Section 2304.12 and IRC Section R317 requirements for protection of wood-based products against decay.

PBA46 & PBA66 – 10 Gauge
PBA44, PBA77 & PBA88 – 12 Gauge
PBA-SO – 12 Gauge

Galvanized (Zinc), G185

• Use all specified fasteners in schedule to achieve values indicated.
• The designer or specifier shall check the requirements and capacity of wood post and concrete (embedment, edge distance and end distance) for resisting uplift loads.
• Nails (16d common) and fastener assembly (5/8” threaded rod with heavy hex nut (or anchor bolt) and washer (2-3/4″ x 2-3/4″ x 3/8″)) are not included.
• Clean concrete surface, place PBA Strap and install fastener assembly.
• Place stand-off plate with a square washer below the hex nut.
• Use specified fasteners to attach wood post to PBA Strap.

TER 0910-01; FL 3557

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