Cable Type & Length Determination

QuickTie™ Cables come in four different diameters.

Determine the necessary design load to be met and which cables are required:

QuickTie Blue (QTB): 3/16″
Allowable loads: 1,909 lbs.

QuickTie Green (QTG): 1/4″
Allowable loads: 2,839 lbs.

QuickTie Orange (QTO): 5/16″
Allowable loads: 4,455 lbs.

QuickTie Red (QTR): 3/8″
Allowable loads: 6,545 lbs.

Measure the distance from the foundation to the upper most top plate (on which the trusses bear). This dimension — QT”x” on the diagram to the left — is the QuickTie cable part required.

For example, a dimension of 9’1″ from foundation to top plate, for which a “Blue” cable is required, would require a QTB9.1 cable.

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Guides & Drawing Details

Download additional information regarding the design and installation of QuickTie™ cables.

The following notes and details are provided for the convenience and support of the design professional’s incorporation of QuickTie™ cables in construction documents. They are provided both in PDF format and in DWG (AutoCAD) format. The DWG files may be modified to meet the specific needs of the project. 

Standard Notes

Standard Details

Cable Length Determination

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