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Hurricane Anchors and Twist Straps

HA4, HA6, HA8, HA10, QGC, MTS-3Z & HTS-3Z

Hurricane Anchors (HA4, HA6, HA8 & HA10) add increased resistance to wind uplift. HA’s reduces toe-nailing, utilizing correctly located nail holes for fast, easy and strong attachment of rafters and trusses to plates and studs. The QuickTie Girder Connectors (QGC & QGCW) are used for girder truss connections where uplift load requirements are high.

The Medium Twist Straps (MTS) and Heavy Twist Straps (HTS) are used to resist wind uplift and manufactured in lengths of 16″, 20″, 24″ and 28″. The straps have an offset shape to allow for twisting and bending. Each strap is 1-1/4″ wide with nail holes (staggered across the width) punched at 1″ along its length.

HA4, HA6, HA8 & HA10 – 18 Gauge
QGC-12 Gauge
MTS-3Z – 16 Gauge
HTS-3Z- 14 Gauge

Galvanized (G185)

• Use all specified fasteners in schedule to achieve the tabulated values.

TER 0910-01; FL 3557

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Hurricane Anchors and Twist Straps
Hurricane Anchors 2
Hurricane Anchors 3
Hurricane Anchors 4
Hurricane Anchors Twist Straps 5

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