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Face Mount Joist Hangers

U Hangers & Inverted Flange U Hangers (UL, ULP, ULP-IF, UM, UH & UH-IF Series)

U-Hanger and Inverted Flange (IF) U-Hanger Series are face mount joist hangers used to resist gravity loads and uplift loads due to wind in one-, two- and three-ply joist assemblies in light-frame wood construction. These are used as wood framing connectors in accordance with IBC Section 2304.10.3 and IRC Section R301.1.3.

UL Series – 20 Gauge
ULP & ULP-IF Series – 18 Gauge
UM Series – 16 Gauge
UH & UH-IF Series – 14 Gauge

Galvanized (Zinc), G185

• Use all specified fasteners in schedule to achieve values indicated
•All U-Hangers have slant nailing. These must be used to achieve published load values. The nails must be driven at an angle (approx. 41º) in the joist and into the header.
•For all Hangers, use 16d common nails (0.162 x3-1/2″) for hanger-to-header attachment
•For all Inverted Flange (IF) Hangers, use 10d common nails (0.148 x 3″) for hanger-to-joist attachment
•Hangers are not allowed to be modified
•Hangers are not designed for welded applications

TER 1811-03; FL 3557

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